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Italy Thursday has announced it support to the ongoing peace process in Sudan, and the African Union –brokered Roadmap Agreement in particular. Also its deputy foreign minister will visit Khartoum soon, heading a high-level economic delegation.
The Sudanese Foreign Ministry said, in a press release on Thursday, that Minister Ibrahim Ghandour has briefed his Italian counterpart Paolo Gentiloni on the outputs of the national dialogue in Sudan, the administrative referendum in Darfur region and the progress of talks with the SPLM-North sector.
The meeting was held on the sideline of the Italy-Africa Ministerial Conference, which is currently taking place in Rome.
The Sudanese chief diplomat has meanwhile described as “remarkable” the relations with Italy in all areas, especially the current economic cooperation and exchange of support at the international forums, affirming his country’s support to the Italian endeavours to join the Security Council.
On his part, the Italian minister has renewed support to the Sudanese peace process and the roadmap proposed by the African Union chief mediator Thabo Mbeki.
Further, Ghandour met with the Vatican State Foreign Minister Paul Gallagher conveying the appreciation of the Sudanese President Omer Al Bashir to the Pope Francis.
Also he lauded the big role being played by the Vatican state in the world and expressed Sudan’s desire to promote bilateral ties.
Ghandour has made an account to the situations in Sudan, referring to the efforts being played by his country to counter terrorism and extremism and to maintain stability and security in the region.
With regard to the ties with South Sudan, he affirmed keenness of his government to establish strong relations and to implement the nine agreements on the pending issues, which were signed between the two countries on the 27th of September 2012.
In response, the Vatican foreign minister has expressed interest in the Sudan, their great support to maintain its national unity and to have a permanent constitution.
According to the press statement, Gallagher pointed out that ”they follow up political developments in Sudan, and the big essential role it has been playing at the regional level to maintain security, peace and stability”.