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Trade Italy-Sudan


Trade Italy-Sudan

The value of the trade between Italy and Sudan in 2018 was €120 million, -16% compared to the previous year, of which €104 million exports and €16.7 million imports. The trade balance was positive for €87.4 million. In 2019 there was a reduction of -17.9% in inter-trade compared to 2018. The total amount was almost €108 million. Exports fell by €78.6 million (-17.9%), while imports doubled, totaling €29.3 million. The trade balance was positive at 49.2 million.

Sudan is the 110th destination market for Italian export and the tenth destination market for Italian export in sub-Saharan Africa. The market share of Italian exports compared to the total share in Sudan is 1.5%, less than Germany, the first European country with a percentage of 4.1%. Behind Italy, France, with a share of 1.0%, and Spain, this follows at 0.3%.

The economic collaboration has received an important impulse thanks to the activity of Assafrica, that it has cured the organization of three country presentations between 2013 the 2017 and contributed to the signature of commercial understandings and picture agreements between enterprises of the two Countries. These include the Assafrica-Sudanese Business employers Federation (2013).

Following the Sudan Economic Forum organised as part of Expo 2015, a business mission to Sudan took place in February 2016. The mission’s objective was to identify investment opportunities in focus sectors such as energy, renewables, agriculture, food, hydropower and infrastructure.

In February 2018 meetings were held in Rome between the Sudanese Foreign Minister and several Italian companies, operating in particular in the energy, agro-industrial, infrastructure and IT sectors. The Sudanese Minister also took part in an Executive Business Forum in Milan, organized with the collaboration of the E4lmpact Foundation, focusing on some representative sectors: agro-industrial, banking, textile, aeronautical, steel, mining, telemedicine and legal and business advice.

The sectors in increase of the Italian export in Sudan in 2019 are the extractive sector, for an amount of 1.4 million and an increase of 50.5%, and the metal sector, with a income of 9.7 million and a positive percentage of 28.2%. The declining sectors in 2019 are those of Instrumental Mechanics that, despite a total of 44.6 million compared to 2017 suffers a decrease of 33.9%, and Electrical Equipment, which with a revenue of 9.8 million registers a percentage of -39%.

In addition, the most active sectors for the Italian export are highlighted in 2019: Instrumental mechanics: 43%; Other: 17%; Electrical equipment: 10%; Metals: 9%; Food and beverages: 7%; Wood products: 7%; Chemical: 7%.

To learn more, please visit the website of the Agenzia ICE and that of SACE SIMEST.