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Development Cooperation


Development Cooperation

Sudan is a priority country for Italian Cooperation, which since 1980 has allocated more than 350 million euros to the country.

The cooperation initiatives in Sudan are "community-based" (focused on people and social stabilization with a view to shared improvement of general living conditions) and inclusive (the approach is holistic and tends to dilute the inter-community tensions through an all-inclusive effort that includes residents, IDPs, refugees, displaced persons, etc.).

The main areas of Italian intervention are:

-access to basic health services (health, nutrition);

- the fight against poverty and the promotion of economic development (agriculture and rural development, enhancement of cultural heritage);

-protection and social inclusion / human rights (disabilities, minors at risk, gender issues);

- the environment and the improvement of living conditions;

- the support to the most vulnerable categories of people, including migrants and refugees.

For further information on the specific projects, visit the website of AICS in Khartoum.