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Cultural projects and events


Cultural projects and events
  • Cultural Events

This Embassy collaborates in the promotion of the Italian culture through the organization both of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the world and the Week of the Italian language, as well as the Week dedicated to Italian cinema which was initiated in 2018. In the previous year, given the developments of the situation in Sudan, this Embassy organized an “Italian week” in December 2019 gathering aspects of both language and cuisine.

Furthermore, this Embassy organizes monthly projections of Italian films in the Leonardo da Vinci library inside the University of Khartoum, participating as well every year to the European Film Festival.

  • Projects

This Embassy was in 2017 amongst the promoters of the creation of an EUNIC Cluster in Khartoum, gathering the Goethe Institut, the French Institute of Culture and the British Council together with the Spanish and Italian Embassies, aiming at developing cultural projects. Through the Cluster, a project for the realization of a prototype of audio-guides for the National Museum was launched, with the collaboration between this Embassy and the French cultural Institute.

Since 2018 Italy provides UNESCO with the funds for the Program “Protecting and Promoting the Sudanese Cultural Heritage in a Social Development Prospective: Rehabilitating the Sudanese National Museum”, for the renovation and modernization of the latter.

The laboratory of social theatre “Life at the curve of the Nile” is an example of a successful cultural project promoted by this Embassy in a strong collaboration with the AICS office in Khartoum. Carried out in autumn 2019, it was part of the project “Community Theatre for Sustainable Development in Sudan”. The latter, as part of the program “Italy-Culture-Africa 2019”, allowed for making theatrical representation a vehicle and an incentive for collective reflections, on topics such as, amongst others, healthcare, violence against women and migration.